Excerpts from

  High Mysticism
  A Series of Twelve Studies in the
Wisdom of the Sages of the Ages

by Emma Curtis Hopkins

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Book Description
Emma Curtis Hopkins was a student of Mary Baker Eddy in the late 19th century, but left the Christian Science Church to found her own seminary and became known as "The Teacher of Teachers" in New Thought circles, because she gave class instruction to many who later became New Thought leaders in their own right. This, her masterpiece, is one of the greatest of all works based on mysticism. Studies in High Mysticism was originally published as a series of twelve small books during the first half of the 20th Century. This special ebook edition contains the original, unabridged text from these original, very hard to find twelve books.


During the many years of the active ministry of Emma Curtis Hopkins, over fifty thousand individuals came to her for instruction. Numbered among them were ministers, priests, lawyers, physicians, artists, business men and people from every walk of life.

She was known as the "Teacher of Teachers" as so many of her students later became teachers and carried the message of the High Watch to the far corners of the earth. Several of the well known schools of advanced thought in this country were founded by her students.

It is said that the glory of her teaching is that it arouses the hidden creative genius in the student so that he goes forth inspired to accomplish some great work of a unique and inimitable sort by the recognition of his own inherent divinity. To awaken this Divine Sense in her readers is the chief aim of the writings which she has left with us.

The Studies in High Mysticism contain her latest writings, the full bloom of her spiritual unfoldment. They are acknowledged to be among the finest examples of Mystical writings. Mrs. Hopkins was herself a Mystic, a Mystic of a new type. She sang the song of the Life triumphant over loss, pain, sickness, poverty, sin and death, and the joy that comes from living the Christ Life. Here we have no identifying with suffering and grief, but the fuller doctrine of Jesus Christ—the rise from ignorance to the "Liberty of the Sons of God!"

The bringing forth of this type, spiritually bold and executive, is the fruition toward which all religions and philosophies are bent.

She re-states the teachings of the "Sages of the Ages" in a clear, simple fashion. She points out the method whereby the earnest student may find God in the inmost sanctuary of his being, "for truly the Highest is the Nearest, Most Distant yet Most Present, and we are in His image." "The Highest God and the Inmost God is one God."

She tells us that, "The Sacred Books of all ages mention three Sciences: Material, Mental, Mystical.

"Material Science declares laws that are sure: as iron sharpeneth iron, and hydrogen and oxygen clashing together fall into thirst-quenching water.

"The Sacred Books proclaim a Mental Science to which the world can subscribe, as, 'All that we are is made up of our thought.'

"Mystical Science announces the miracles of 'Predicateless Being,' setting the ways of matter at nought, and nullifying the thoughts of the mind:

'The flesh profiteth nothing.'

'Take no thought.'

'In such a moment as ye think not.'

"Mystical Science is the chalice of golden wine passed along to the sons of men by John's angels of the Apocalypse. It is a new song for the hearts of the children of the New Age.

"The Mystical Science is the oldest Science in the world. It concerns that swift, subtle faculty possessed by us all, whereby we look whithersoever we will; to the Deity ever beholding us, or to the dust beneath, without the aid of our physical eyes.

'Thou canst not behold Me with thy two outer eyes: I have given thee an eye divine.' "

The Divine Eye or Vision, is the sense with which we perceive Truth or Reality.

"This faculty, swifter than the fleetest thought, being steadfastly rested upon any given point, can bring back to the waiting mind all the facts thai pertain to the resting place. It is the lifting up of this sense out of the network of materiality, the wheel of incessant grind, that takes man above his disasters and difficulties.

"We are all harvesting according to our inward viewings. 'Why are ye troubled?' asked Jesus, 'Why do thoughts arise in your hearts?' Hegel gives a scientific answer to these questions: 'We always look toward an object before thinking it,' he wrote, 'and it is by having oft recourse to inward viewing that then the mind goes on to know and comprehend.' "

Therefore, "Vision often Godward and live anew. So shall the body be like 'a tree planted by rivers of water, whose leaf fadeth not.' Vision often Godward so that affairs also may go well. Gaze often toward Our Father, and all thoughts shall be like morning music. Lift up an inward looking now and then to a country whose ether winds ever raying forth their healing aura, are fleet remedials for all the world's unhappiness."

in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $19.95 (+ printing charge)

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